About Us
Incorporated in 2008, Noah Capital is a private capital asset management company that specializes in societal goodwill and philanthropic projects. Since its inception, Noah Capital has completed numerous investments in private equity, venture capital, assets acquisition, structured credit collateralization deals and assets securitization – primarily on behalf of our proprietary foundation, Project Noah, amongst other charitable and philanthropic organizations.

Noah Capital's investment management team is comprised of experienced private equity, securities structuring and credit investment professionals who share the same organizational key beliefs and values that drives these projects. Our work is centered around creating value to enhance the quality of life for underprivileged people and societies across the world.
Noah Capital makes direct investments as well as form investment partnerships with other investment managers. We specialize in structuring unique loan arrangements for charitable organizations and foundations with the primary objective of helping them free up cashflow and provide capital funding that can be reinvested into other meaningful societal development projects.Noah Capital offers investment management advisory for review and forecast of societal goodwill projects that have profit-making opportunities.

As of January 2017, Noah Capital has completed more than 150 securitization, loans and capital raising deals of successful social & societal development projects, and 5 million underprivileged and impoverished people globally in more than 10 countries, 42 cities and villages have directly benefitted.