Bobby Hadley holds a dual role as CEO, and also the president of the Global Development program under Project Noah. He leads the foundation’s efforts in a diverse range of program areas aimed at finding innovative new ways to ensure solutions and products get into the hands of people in poor countries who need them most.

Focusing on areas with the potential for high-impact, sustainable solutions that can reach hundreds of millions of people, Dr Hadley oversees Global Development’s portfolio across a wide spectrum of funding areas. A common theme of these programs is innovative and integrated delivery, including an emphasis on strengthening of primary health care systems.

Dr Hadley’s professional background is in public health and medicine. Prior to co-founding Noah Capital, he worked in various positions and countries for international nonprofit organizations, dedicated to improving the health of people around the world by advancing technologies, strengthening systems, and encouraging healthy behaviors.

Dr Hadley holds an M.D from Creighton University, having completed postgraduate training in internal medicine at the University of California San Francisco, and an MPH from the University of Washington.

Alton Peterson co-founded Noah Capital and leads the company’s Private Investments Capital and Management businesses. Prior to establishing Noah Capital, Mr. Peterson has spent his career identifying, financing, structuring, and investing in private investment transactions and management buyout transactions, including being involved in 10 management buyouts, 15 acquisitions, realizations, corporate financings, fundraisings and other principal transactions, and 10 leverage financings totaling approximately $12 billion in total.

Mr. Peterson was previously a senior Managing Director with a renowned Asset Management firm, where he developed and led the company’s private equity business as well as a number of other new business ventures and capital formation initiatives. Mr. Peterson also had a stint in a similar role with one of the top five global investment banks.

In the 90s, Alton graduated with a Masters Degree in Finance (Cum Laude) from Harvard Business School.

Mike Hardy manages the strategic planning and business operations for Noah Capital, and leads Project Noah's efforts to build strategic relationships with governments, private philanthropists, and other key partners to increase awareness, action, and resources devoted to global development and health. Additionally, he oversees the firm’s grant portfolio,supports cross-cutting policy research, advocacy, and select country-level delivery efforts.

Before joining Noah Capital in 2010, Mr. Hardy worked with a governmental unit’s Division of International Finance, the Economic Policy Research Institute in South Africa, and the United Nations Development Program and UNICEF in Tajikistan.

Mr. Hardy holds a bachelor’s degree from Williams College, a Master’s degree from Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, and a law degree from Yale Law School.