Investment Strategy
Noah Capital’s goal is to spot, assess and invest in profitable goodwill projects initiated and driven by charitable and philanthropic foundations and organizations with high growth potential underlying goodwill assets, of which Project Noah is a key primary partner. Through securitization of these goodwill assets into structured securities notes, we seek to raise capital funding from investors who share similar beliefs and would like to do their part for the betterment of the global community.

Noah Capital's investment philosophy is built around our primary role of maximizing the value and potential of the assets by ensuring excellent and disciplined investment management. Emphasis is placed on the objective to provide superior and attractive risk-adjusted return to our investors, and raise capital for our partner charity foundations and organizations to permeate their contribution to society through investing in goodwill projects.
Using a twin-pronged approach, Noah Capital will execute its investment strategy through:

  • Through strategic targeted and highly selective investment methods, our portfolio of collateralized assets will primarily comprise of prime and high growth potential goodwill assets
  • Through proactive investment asset management, Noah Capital constantly strives to maximize portfolio performance in order to enhance the revenue-generating ability. This ensures there is a dependable stable income stream for reinvestment into other future goodwill projects and ensure sustainable earnings for our investors
  • Investments made is dependent on the nature of the funded area, and prevailing economic conditions and will generally be for the long-term
  • Our key objectives are to deliver regular and stable returns to our investors and raise a steady stream of capital for our charitable foundation and organization partners
  • Leveraging on our clustering and partnering approach, Noah Capital is committed to exploring a wide spectrum of funded goodwill project areas and extracting the greatest value from it